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Authors & Commenters

An Author submits an article for publication to the site administration. After review the site administration accepts the article for posting. Site designation as an author enables subsequent submissions to be accepted for posting quickly with a minimum of delay, enables an Arthur to frequently respond to comments on the article.

An author can also function as a commenter on the article posted as well comment on other articles.

Typically, an article submitted is accompanied by a relevant graphic. However, graphic is not required. Maximum word count is 1,000 words.


A Commenter is the entry level participant in the web site discussion. First, a potential participant registers with the site. Once registered, a Commenter may post comments to articles and/or participate in forum discussions. A Commenter may be denied participation if false or incomplete information is submitted during registration.

If a Commenter’s frequency and/or quality of relevant postings are deemed as by the site administration as being detrimental to the quality and level of participation by other Commenters, further participation may be limited or denied by the site administration.

Typically, a comment is 500 words or less per posting. Sequential postings to circumvent this limitation may result in loss of site participation privileges. Commenters are encouraged to apply for Author level participation to more fully express themselves.