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Increased trust, decreased fear, in the doctor-patient relationship

Does it really matter if your doctor appreciates the power of prayer? For me it may not have been the most important factor to consider but, ultimately, a significant if unexpected plus. I had spent the better part of three weeks in the hospital, lying in traction, recovering from a number of injuries following a serious accident – two broken legs, various internal injuries and extensive cuts and bruises to my face. At the moment,...

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Removing Fear Essential To Health and Healing

The folks at Stanford School of Medicine are putting doctors in touch with their patients. Literally. To this end, faculty member Abraham Verghese and his team provide training for 25 hands-on physical exams that, according to Verghese, are given little if any attention beyond the typical med student’s first or second year of training – “old-fashioned” stuff like tapping the knee to check for reflexes, shining a light to test for...

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