Why ONLY Pat Eklund Deserves Your Vote

The ever-popular Pat Eklund is popular for a very good reason. She consistently places Novato’s residents’ interests first. She is determined to bring good things to Novato in character with our town, while preserving all the things we like about Novato’s small-town character and quality of life. She is the only Councilmember possessing the depth of experience enabling her to stand up against regional and county level initiatives that would potentially negatively affect Novato’s small-town character and our quality of life. And, being “retired” she does this fulltime for all of us.


She has worked hard to assure that the conversion of the Hamilton military base to civilian use has met the goals of Novato residents and not solely the profit motives of the developers. She successfully worked within the development process resulting in the hugely successful Hamilton community we know today. Included in the Hamilton conversion process were hundreds of deed-restricted affordable housing units. She has consistently supported sustainable and neighborhood-compatible affordable housing development, but in accordance with Novato’s General Plan. http://novato.org/home/showdocument?id=5906


Pat also drove the establishment of Novato’s Urban Growth Boundary. She played a key role in the $11 million renovation and beautification of Grant Avenue. She supports the renovation of the Novato Theater. Pat was a prime mover on the Council decision to return City Offices to downtown thus re-establishing it as the center of the City. She is a very productive contributor to and protector of  the Novato community.


Eklund is for quality development that preserves the character of our Novato neighborhoods. She has pushed back against regional initiatives that drive development without local community control.


Pat is well known as one Councilmember who realizes that a balanced budget is essential to keeping Novato affordable for its existing residents at all income levels. She has resisted the tax-and-spend attitude of the existing majority bloc vote on the current Council that has been unable show fiscal restraint, and in the process making Novato a less affordable place to live.


She has consistently supported sensible development along the North Redwood Blvd Corridor emphasizing it should be walkable and bike friendly, encouraging residents to shop and enjoy new restaurants and entertainment venues.


There is no greener member of the City Council than Eklund. She has the benefit of decades experience designing and directing projects that protect and preserve critical habitat while working for the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Her practical environmental perspective is essential to accomplishing what can be done rather than wasting time pursuing what can’t be done.


As the most experienced Councilmember, Eklund elevates the level of Council debate by challenging Councilmembers’ assumptions that all necessary and relevant facts have been disclosed in proposals by a purpose-driven City Staff whose primary interest may lie with appeasing outside county and regional politicians’ ambitions rather than looking out for the interests of all Novato residents first.


Eklund is the only Councilmember who unflinchingly questions in public the potential ulterior motives behind seemingly innocuous projects proposed by outside Agencies. Her extensive experience and historical knowledge makes her a force to be reckoned with when she serves on regional commissions. Many times, she will fearlessly say what others are afraid to say. To Novato’s benefit, she is tough enough to handle those situations.


Pat Eklund’s independence of and freedom from the outside-of-Novato special interests pressure is legendary. She has by far the largest number of individual donors to her campaign who give what they can afford, in stark contrast to the much fewer, but very large donations of special interests given to other candidates currently in this race. Pat is beholden to no one but the citizens of Novato.
Pat Eklund is one of only two full time Councilmembers, the other being Councilmember Pam Drew. The quality and thoroughness of her work on the Council reflects this. Every City Council needs at least one member possessing the intestinal fortitude to stand up to would-be political intimidation. She is the “battler” for the “silent majority” of residents who expect their representatives to look out for their interests first, so they can focus on raising their children and walking safely on the City’s sidewalks.


Pat Eklund is the only Council candidate deserving of a vote. The other candidates (who by the way are busy working at their other fulltime jobs leaving much less time to work for you) are jointly bogged down in an extremely negative campaign funded by special interests residing outside the City of Novato. Only Eklund has shown poise and class by basing her campaign on her accomplishments and capabilities while looking forward to future changes that would make Novato better for all of us. This is yet one more reason to vote only for Pat Eklund.


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