Time To Change! – For Almost 30 Years – No Elected Female on North Marin Water District Board of Directors!

It is time to move into the 21st Century. The articulate and dynamic Tina McMillan, candidate for a seat on Novato’s Water District Board of Directors, reflects the increased importance of having a competent feminine stakeholder presence on elected local District Boards. And now we have our chance.

The emergence of hard-working, diligent and resourceful female candidates can only energize sleepy business-as-usual backwater District Boards facing the need to solve tomorrow’s water issues today. Today’s female candidates are strong and qualified to serve as Directors on these Boards.

In the past, the cozy “old boy’s network” has ensured that only males received serious consideration as a “qualified” candidate. Now, that “understanding” faces the winds of change driven by the public’s desire for increased diversity and full representation in local government.

Novato’s Tina McMillan has stepped forward to challenge the quiet practice of de facto female exclusion on low profile, but very influential and costly, District Board deliberations and decisions. She is bright, well-informed and singularly dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life for Novato residents.

McMillan is one of three candidates for two open seats on the North Marin Water District Board. The other candidates are current Board President Rick Fraites, a 15-year member, and James Grossi who was only recently appointed (not elected) to the Board in 2017.

McMillian brings to the Board a true consumer’s perspective that contrasts markedly with Fraites’ 30-year career in County government as an administrative assistant and with Grossi who is a Principal with CSW Stuber-Stroeh Engineering Group, a firm that will and has done projects for the City of Novato.

Mr. Grossi’s presence on the North Marin Water District Board while simultaneously being a senior manager with a firm that will do business with Novato’s water district is problematical from a potential conflict of interest point of view. Boards need full-time members, not part-time members caused by a member’s recusal from discussion and decisions because of potential conflicts of interest.

As the member of her household who pays for all things involving water usage, McMillan brings to the North Marin Water Board a very ground-level perspective – something currently missing from the Board.

McMillan is very aware of the near-term challenges of managing water usage, ensuring a pure and sufficient water supply, and the effects of climate change upon droughts, floods and wildfires.

The election of Tina McMillan to the North Marin Water District Board will ensure positive action towards infrastructure issues today and tomorrow’s water usage going forward. Let’s see if the women and men of Novato will make a competent female stakeholder presence happen, for the benefit of all of us.


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