Constant fee increases and government and special district taxes are driving the working class, middle class and seniors out of Novato, and ultimately out of the state.

The good people of Novato deserve better than constant money grabs.

The North Marin Water District (NMWD) is “proposing” yet another rate increase this year of 3.5%. Whenever the government says “proposed”, it is probably going to happen unless citizens rise up and demand justice.

Perhaps NMWD could consider lowering some of their expenses to help people! This will certainly fall on deaf ears.

NMWD contributes to the high cost of building second units by charging inflated hookup fees and additional monthly charges for having a second unit. These fees, among other county and government financial attacks, make it almost impossible to build second units. As a result, fewer second units are being built, contributing the problem of the lack of second units (Accessory Dwelling Units).

If ratepayers could write a short letter of protest and include their NMWD account number the proposed increases might not be imposed.

I encourage you to push back against the NMWD proposed rate hike!

Please write BEFORE May 21, 2019 in opposition of the water rate increase to:

District Secretary

North Marin Water District PO Box 146

Novato Ca 94948

Please attend the public hearing at the NMWD office (999 Rush Creek Place, Novato) at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 to consider the rate proposal. Let’s encourage the NMWD Board not to rubber stamp this rate increase as they have done before!


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