8 Things To Do With Halloween Candy in Marin

The following post originally appeared on Mill Valley Patch and is a part of an ongoing series by contributor Ronnie:

It’s Halloween hangover time and you find yourself staring at those piles of sweets wondering what to do with all that extra Halloween candy? Here are 8 great suggestions also listed on Ronnie’s Awesome List.

1. ART


For hard candies, like Jolly Ranchers, I make stained glass cookies. Look them up on Pintrest and you will see a lot of creative uses for holiday baking.

Save some candy for decorating your gingerbread house. Halloween candies are typically small and perfect to decorate with.

M&M’s are yummy in trail mix or baked into cookies. Add to your favorite granola, nuts, pretzels, raisins and mix.



Exchange candy for a book or toy.


Here are 4 local businesses who have partnered with other nonprofits:

SweetE Organic, November 1st-5th, exchange for delicious organic, non GMO, allergy-conscious candy without artificial dyes. SweetE will start you off with a few pieces of candy and you can augment those treats with a purchase of your family’s favorites! Halloween candy along with a selection of SweetE candy will be donated to the Ritter Center.

Yolo Yogurt Lounge, 15{47cd8eba349f683f2de85772b62751c95a0c636a98ab66a17b94ede9a35c8038} discount on froyo in exchange for donating your Halloween candy from November 1st-7th, donating to Ritter Center.

Nichols Orthodontics, Inc. November 3rd-4th, will give you $1 for every pound for your unopened Halloween candy brought into their Greenbrae office for Operation Gratitude, sending care packages to U.S. Military Troops.

Gila Dorostkar, DDS Pediatric Dentistry, November 3rd-7th, collecting Halloween candy and letters to send to our military troops for Operation Gratitude.


Candies come in many colors and shapes can make a great math tool. Practice addition, subtraction, counting by fives and tens and multiplication and division. Chocolate bars are great for visualizing fractions. Sort candy and figure out percentages and – here’s a challenge – count calories. Try seeing how many calories are in your child’s Halloween loot and post it here.


Fill up goodie bags and piñatas at the next party.


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